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Since 1983, Theatrical Supplies of Australia (TSA) has been the leading supplier of drapery and fabrics for the entertainment industry.

Supported by some of the world's largest fabric manufacturers, TSA has developed a reputation for custom-making high quality stage curtains, cycloramas, and gauzes to designer specifications. From the smallest school to the professional theatre production company, our experienced staff will ensure that your drapery is produced on time and using the finest quality materials.

The breadth of our client base includes:

  • Theatres Schools
  • Photographic Studios
  • Concert Halls
  • Nightclubs
  • Exhibition Industry
  • Museums
  • Business
  • Theatres
  • Television Studios
  Red Velveteen
    Red Velveteen Curtain-Photo courtesy of TV Week
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Swivelling Leg Brackets   Portable Staging   Portable Drape Supports
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Shotbags   Sceneboard   Accessories
Featured Product
Metal CurtainRunner  


Theatrical Supplies of Australia now stocks metal curtain runners

The metal curtain runners are suitable for very heavy duty applications

e.g. sports nets, large heavy drapes, large green screens, or cycloramas

PRICE: $15.00 + GST

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