Special Offers


The items in the Special Offers page represent manufacturing overruns and surplus stock which have accumulated in our warehouse over the past few months. Quantities vary and we can't guarantee supply, even if the items remains listed on this site, as once they've sold out, they're gone forever!

Please note: for orders under $50.00 (excluding GST and freight), a $20.00+ GST administration charge will be incured.

Purchased items can be collected from our warehouse in Oakleigh.

For a freight quote, please contact us more info




Sharkstooth Gauze Remnants


1.1m x 16.0m
$270.00 + GST (ex-freight)


2.80m x 3.20m
$120.00 + GST (Ex-freight) SOLD


15.0m x 2.70m
$600.00 + GST (ex-freight)



Valance Curtain

540 GSM IFR black wool
1 @ 9.13m w x 0.70m h
50% fullness
50mm cotton webbing at top
Bottom & sides hemmed
PRICE:$350.00+ GST (ex freight)


  Nessel Backdrop

200GSM Natural Nessel Canvas
1 @ 4.0m w x 3.60m h
Eyelets & ties @ 300mm at top
Sides Hemmed
100mm pipe pocket at base
PRICE: $200.00 + GST (ex-freight)

Nessel Canvas Remnants

220 GSM
Natural colour
Not fire retardant

1 @ 5.7m x 5.0m -$100.00 + GST (ex freight)

1 @ 5.0m x 4.0m -$80.00 + GST (ex freight)

1 @ 5.0m x 2.0m -$40.00 + GST (ex-freight) SOLD

1 @ 1.80m x 9.2m -$90.00 + GST (ex-freight)

1 @ 2.5m x 4.2m -$50.00 + GST (ex-freight) SOLD

1 @ 3.0m x 3.2m -$45.00 + GST (ex-freight)

1 @ 4.2m x 2.7m -$50.00 + GST (ex-freight) SOLD


  Natural Nessel