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Since 1983, Theatrical Supplies of Australia (TSA) has been the leading supplier of drapery and fabrics for the entertainment industry supported by some of the world's largest fabric manufacturers, TSA has developed a reputation for custom-making high quality stage curtains, cycloramas, and … more http://www.theatricalsupplies.com.au/index.html

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Theatrical Supplies of Australia is one of Australia's leading curtain and theatrical supplies companies. From Phantom of the Opera to the local school theatre, TSA has been supplying the entertainment industry for over 20 years …more http://www.theatricalsupplies.com.au/about.html

Theatrical Supplies of Australia (TSA) is involved in the manufacture and installation of a wide variety of projects. These projects vary...more info

Adjustable floor pulley—A single wheeled pulley fixed to the floor at one end of a cord pulley operated curtain track system. The floor pulley is located beneath the double end pulley and creates a loop in the curtain cord, so that a curtain can be operated at ground level. The floor pulley has an adjustable wheel to maintain a constant tension …more

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TSA is skilled in the manufacturing techniques required to produce your stage curtains and related products. With over 20 years of experience, TSA has the expertise to professionally produce any of the following products from our extensive range of quality fabrics. Our services include free on site measure and quote, design,..... more

From the smallest school show to the most lavish theatrical production our staff can supply cut lengths and bulk quantities of theatrical fabrics suitable for most drapery requirements. Our fabrics … more

A 100% felted wool fabric that is opaque, extremely durable, and very suitable for drapes and sound control curtains....more

Velvet is a woven cotton fabric with a short dense pile, giving it a distinctive feel and look. Velvet is mainly used for the Front of House Curtain and creates a rich luxurious appearance....more

Velveteen is a woven cotton fabric that is manufactured to imitate velvet. Velveteen is commonly used for hire drapes and costumes....more

Molton (AKA Rokel or Duvetyne) is an opaque, crease resistant, brushed cotton fabric that is suitable for drapes , backdrops and many masking applications....more

Sharkstooth gauzes are open weave cotton fabrics that when lit from the front (and the stage behind the gauze is ......more

Filled Cloth
Filled cloth is a soft, crease resistant cotton fabric mainly used for cycloramas. Filled cloth is so called because it is........more

Canvas more

Natural Nessel
Natural Nessel canvas is a 100% cotton woven fabric with a flat surface suitable for painted.......more

White Nessel
The White Nessel canvas is bleached fire retardant canvas that suitable for manufacturing cycloramas.....more

Floor Canvas
Heavy-weight canvas is a 100% cotton woven fabric suitable for painted floor cloths. The weight (340 gsm) of the canvas.....more

Curtain Track
Theatrical Supplies of Australia can supply and install a range of stage curtain track systems that are suitable for most drapery applications. TSA stage tracking is high quality, extremely durable and competitively priced. We have three different sizes of stage tracking available … more

Heavy Duty Track
The heavy duty extruded aluminium curtain track is suitable for stage tracks, cyclorama tracks, and many other commercial applications. The track is designed....more

Medium Duty Track
The medium duty extruded aluminium curtain track is suitable for use in schools, theatres, and many other commercial applications. The track is designed......more

Light Duty Track
The light duty extruded aluminium curtain track is suitable for use in schools, theatres and many other commercial applications. The track is designed......more

Leg Bracket
Theatrical Supplies of Australia (TSA) can supply and/or install our extremely durable and versatile leg bracket mechanism. The TSA swivelling leg bracket has many advantages over conventional leg curtain fixing systems … more http://www.theatricalsupplies.com.au/leg-bracket.htmll

Portable Staging
Transtage Portable Staging Systems are the ultimate in portablity and convenience. Consisting of modular, lightweight platforms.......more info 

Drape Support
Our Portable Drape Support Systems are lightweight, easily assembled and will suit a variety of applications. They feature a unique patented "Slip Lock" collar and a hook design that makes setting up an extremely safe and … more http://www.theatricalsupplies.com.au/portable-drape-support.html

For many years, Theatrical Supplies of Australia has been the industry supplier of shot and sand bags under … more

Scene Board was first used for set building in 1977 by the National Theatre Centre in London. TSA introduced this versatile set-building board to Australia in 1985 when the Melbourne Theatre Company began using it in its South …more http://www.theatricalsupplies.com.au/sceneboard.html

Fast Clips
The fast clip provides instant fixing points wherever and whenever they are required-NO TOOLS NEEDED!
more info

Shock Cord Hooks
Ideal for attaching projection screens, green screens,and banners to framework.
more info

Our webbing is tough, durable and competitively priced …more http://www.theatricalsupplies.com.au/webbing.html

Polycord has the same appearance and feel as cotton sash cord but it is a far superior product. The Polycord has very little stretch, high abrasion resistance and high tensile strength, making it ideal for use on cord pulley tracking systems … more http://www.theatricalsupplies.com.au/cords.html

Curtain bags
Produced from 420 denier polyester, these bags close with a drawstring and are fitted with an external identification pocket … more http://www.theatricalsupplies.com.au/curtainbags.html

Carabiner Hooks
Great for connecting curtains to curtain track runners...more info