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Adjustable Portable Drape Support System

The Adjustable Portable Drape Support System is a light weight modular system that allows you to create temporary draping quickly and safely. The Portable Drape Support System has a multitude of uses e.g. creating stage masking, photography backdrops, improving sound quality in a large venue, and/or reducing the size of a large venue.
Slip Lock Features
  • Adjusts quickly and accurately to a required height
  • Requires no tools for adjustments
  • Locks instantly when downward pressure is applied
  • Dismantles very easily
    Slip lock
Sizes Available      

Adjustable Uprights

  • 900mm–1500mm

  • 2540mm–4200mm

  • 2640mm–6000mm

Drape Support Crossbars

  • 900mm–1500mm

  • 1860mm–3000mm

  • 2500mm -4200mm
    Drape support crossbars

Base Assemblies

  • 450mm x 450mm

  • 600mm x 600mm

    base plate

Stabilizing Weights

To improve the stability of the adjustable uprights, additional weight needs to be placed on the base assemblies. Theatrical Supplies of Australia has wide range of stabilizing weights (shot bags, sandbags, etc.) available for sale.

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    sand bag

Custom Drapes


Theatrical Supplies of Australia has the expertise to custom manufacture drapes from our extensive range of quality fabrics.

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The drapes can be produced with a variety of attachment options, e.g. pipe pockets, eyelets and ties, velcro ties, etc.

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    drape kit curtain

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