velveteen, wool, molton, nessel canvas, sharkstooth gauze, filled cloth, chromakey,





The Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) Velveteen is a woven polyester fabric that is manufactured to imitate velvet. IFR Velveteen is commonly used for hire drapes, budget masking drapes, stage skirts and stage curtain linings.The IFR velveteen can also be used to manufacture stage costumes

  • 1.50 metres wide
  • 290 GSM
  • Inherently Flame retardant (IFR)
  • Stock colours: White, Winter White, Burgundy, & Black
  • Custom colours also available (MOQ 320 mts)
  • Crease resistant
  • Tear resistant
IFR Velveteen Drape