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Stage Skirts

Stage Skirts are available in 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm and 120cm heights. We can also custom manufacture stage skirts in a variety of fabrics to suit your requirement. Stage skirts attach to the stage platforms via velcro clips (clips supplied with skirts). Additional clips can also be purchased.


  Stage Skirts

Guard Rails

Guard rails are an optional add on to any stage or step system that provides an additional measure of safety for performers. Corner bracket hardware is sold separately. Handrails are available in 1m and 0.5 m widths.

  gaurd rails

Riser Clamps

Riser clamps provide support in situations where you would like to secure risers of different heights. The riser clamp can also be used to secure steps to each other, as well as to platform risers.

  Riser clamp

Riser Couplers

With the addition of riser couplers, it is possible for risers to be stacked on top of one another in various height combinations up to 120cm (never stack more than 2 risers high).

  Riser couplers

Road Case

Perfect for touring or rental applications, our storage cases provide great protection and security for your stage when moving from venue to venue. Mounted on 4 heavy duty casters with brakes, each case fits 6 platforms and 6 risers and contains additional space for hardware, clamps and skirts. Available for 2m x 1m stage systems and 1m x 1m stage systems.

  Road case